Miko’s Moments – Understanding Your Value & Worth

Welcome to another Miko’s Moments.

Today, I want to talk about your worth, more importantly, your perceived value.

During this last week, I took some mental health days. Though I can not go into full detail about what is happening in my personal life, I am here to tell you this. YOU ARE DESERVING!

The question you need to ask yourself is, “What do you believe you deserve?” From your finances? From your partner and friends? From your professional life and career? What do you believe you deserve from every aspect of your life?

I am not talking about entitlement and thinking you have the right to something; I am talking about how much you believe you are worth and your ultimate value.

Lately, I have been struggling, not with knowing my worth, but finding the strength to stick up for my value. The truth is, believing your worth is different than demanding it. For me, one is much more complicated than the other. You fear if you stick up for yourself, demand your worth, and voice your power, some things may disappear from your life, especially when it comes to the people you love. You don’t want them to leave but can’t stand to accept anything less than your value. It’s a struggle I know so many of us deal with.

I think that a lot of women struggle with and doubt their deservingness. Here’s what I learned. You will always create the results you believe you deserve. Beyond that, you will always stay in a bad situation if you believe you’re only worthy of staying. Especially if you don’t believe you deserve better.

It’s even more important to understand that your value and self-worth as an individual is never tied to your money. When you allow your self-esteem to be measured in numbers, you fail to realize that your value is a measure of your beliefs. Your perception of yourself and how worthy you think you are, does have a direct correlation to the actions you take with your money.

Be kind and appreciate yourself. Self-worth is all about the way you value yourself. Understanding your self-value means that you know you are worthy. You alone control how you feel about yourself. Don’t settle for anything less and have the strength to demand your value.

I’ll be back next week for another Miko’s Moments. Have a great weekend.

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